How to monitor the location of a vehicle


How to make "Mobile 1" (your phone) shows the positions of "Mobile 2" (mobile which will be installed in the car)

What do you need:

·       The mobile from which you want to see the vehicle positions (your phone). These operations will be held on "Mobile 1".

·       The "Mobile 2" (which is installed in the car) must have given you permission to monitor you (see how).


Step 1:

From the main screen press "Track Down Mode" to go to tracking screen.


Step 2:

Once on screen Track Down Mode press where it says "Monitored Vehicles".


Step 3:

At this screen you have a list with the vehicles that had granted you permit to be monitored. Identify the user corresponding to “Mobile 2”.


Step 4:

Clicking on "Activated" to enable the monitoring of the vehicle. (On the map will appear all the vehicles you have activated).


Step 5:

Go back to screen Track Down Mode and click on "show map" (from the main screen you can go directly to “show map” as well).


Step 6:

In the map screen you have to wait till the connection to the server is made and then press the "Marker" button until the vehicle is displayed


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