How to grant monitor permit to a user


How register "Mobile 1" (your phone) to be able to monitor and get the positions of "Mobile 2" (mobile which will be installed in the car)

What do you need:

·       The phone that will be located in the vehicle we want to monitor, because the following steps should be performed in "Mobile 2".

·       The name of the user of “Mobile 1”to whom monitor permit will be granted.


Step 1:

From the main screen press "Transmission mode" to go to transmission screen.


Step 2:

Once on screen Transmission Mode press where it says "Press here".


Step 3:

It will appears a blue text box. Enter there the name of the user you want to grant monitor permit (the user name of “Mobile 1”).


Step 4:

Once you have written the name of the user you give permission to monitor press "Add".


Step 5:

Once the system verifies that the user is correct, the name of the user who will monitor “Mobile 2” will appear inserted in the blue box (this may take a few seconds).

In the future, if you want to denied monitor permit to a user press the "Remove" button to the right of the user name.


Step 6:

To start sending the location of “Mobile 2” turn on the “Transmission activated” switch.

Step 7:

Finally, after a few seconds (till the phone gets the location from GPS) the information about the last location will be displayed.


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