How it works?

System components:

1-      Your Smartphone from which to monitor the position of your vehicle.

2-      An old or "low-cost" Smartphone to be located inside the vehicle.


If you want to install the mobile permanently in the car (even in places difficult to access):


3-      Car USB charger.

4-      USB cable for charging mobile.


To make the system work you need 2 smartphones with CarWatchman application insatalled, one installed on the vehicle you want to have located and another (that is your mobile phone) from which you will monitor and control the position of the vehicle you want to locate.

The Smartphone installed inside the vehicle do not need high performance, all you need is:

·       Android 4.0 or higher (soon will be available for iOS))

·       GPS

·       Gravity and accelerometer sensors (for motion detection functions)

·       Data connection (even not necessary)

·       Google Play Services installed.

·       50 MB RAM (free)



1-      You will need both mobiles with data connection

2-      Carwatchman installed in both smartphones

3-      Create a different CarWatchman user for each Smartphone

4-      Link both mobiles so that  mobile "1" (your phone) will be able to track the location of mobile "2" (mobile to be installed in the vehicle). To see how click here.

5-      Install mobile "2" in the vehicle.

6-      And that is all, now you can start monitoring the position of the mobile "2”. To see how click here.



About data connections: The system is designed to not require large volumes of data transmitted from the mobile phone in the vehicle. In fact, if you do not need to know the vehicle's position every so often, you can configure the system to transmit their position every hour, thus only transmits the position 24 times a day (this is about 2 Mb per month), even without a data plan is such a small amount that does not involve money per month. However the system will remain activated and sending alarms in case of incidents (motion, shock, controlled area, etc ...) occur. Depending on the alarms sent per month and remote access to manage the mobile in the vehicle, in most cases, data used would remain below 15 Mb per month. If you refresh position at a higher rate, the data volume increase. (Warning: it is recommended for the device to be installed in the vehicle that you disable all the application not used, as well as automatic updates to prevent data consumption).


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