Carwatchman: Complete, functional and easy to use.

Carwatchman is the most comprehensive application on the market for location and protection of your vehicle. It is designed for all possible situations and needs you could have. Taking into account, above all, your security and privacy.

Designed specifically for geolocation of vehicles. You can permanently install the Smartphone in the vehicle because the system allows remote management.

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Developed for Vehicles

Unlike other location-based applications, Carwatchman has been developed thinking specifically in the use for vehicles, been the first application of its kind in the market.



Lots of compatible devices. It does not require high-end devices, it works with any Android 4.0 device or higher.



Carwatchman fits your needs and requirements. It has lots of settings and options to make sure that you do not have to suit to the program, but the program to you.


Global Presence

We have open support offices in many countries .... and we continue to grow. This ensures that we can provide you a closer and friendly assistance.

Main Characteristics

It adapts to the environment

It adapts to different environmental conditions (communication via Wi-Fi, mobile data communication, only GSM coverage, SMS, sites without any coverage).


It does not require expensive devices installed in the vehicle, use your old smartphone or a new low-end. In addition, you can set it to low volume of transmitted data (do not require hiring expensive data plans).

Allows Controlled Areas

In addition to obtaining the location of your vehicle in real time, it allows you to create controlled Areas to know instantly when your vehicles enter or leave in those areas.

Position Storage

The system stores all your vehicle positions for a year, so you can access it when you need it.

Alarms Management

With Carwatchman you can know when your vehicle moves, when you have a collision or rollover, allowing, in case of accident, the automatic activation of an emergency call and an SMS indicating the coordinates of the accident.

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Carwatchman adapts itself to your needs